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Can I purchase Udderly Smooth® in store?
You can look out for Udderly Smooth® Original Daily Moisturizing Cream at retailers like Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and Ace Hardware near you. Our products are also conveniently available here on our site and on Amazon so you can shop from the comfort of your home as well.


What are the key differences between the Body Cream and Extra Care?
Our original Udderly Smooth® body cream is perfect for normal to dry skin, offering ultra-hydration for 24 hours. Our Extra Care products are enriched with Urea, which helps remove dead skin cells and hydrate especially rough, dry, irritated skin.


Are Udderly Smooth® products safe for kids?
Our products are safe for all ages. Developed by a registered pharmacist, our products are made with superior ingredients, making them a better choice for all skin types and safe for the entire family.

Skin Concerns

Is it okay to use if I have a skin condition?
Udderly Smooth® products are made with high-quality ingredients that help soothe damaged skin and are suitable for most skin types. They are safe to use on cracked skin and may help reduce itchy dryness. However, you should check with your doctor before use if you have any active skin conditions or concerns.


Were these products tested on animals? Do they contain animal by-products?
Udderly Smooth® does not engage in animal testing or contract others for animal testing for any of our products.
Are the ingredients ethically sourced?
Udderly Smooth® is committed to ethical business practices, including ongoing sustainability efforts to reduce its environmental impact and promote a healthier future for generations to come.


What are the origins of the name, Udderly Smooth®?
Our family-owned and operated business is rooted in farm-work. Udderly Smooth® was originally developed to keep the udders of dairy cows hydrated and prevent chapping. We knew that our pharmacist-formulated, moisture-rich cream would help families keep their skin soft and smooth, just as it had our “extended” family. And for over 40 years, we’ve enjoyed doing just that.
Are these products manufactured in the U.S.?
Yes. Udderly Smooth® was created in 1978, by William Kennedy, Sr., a pharmacist. His family continues his legacy with all Udderly Smooth® products made and manufactured in the USA still today. Materials, packaging, labels and components are also sourced domestically.


Are your products recyclable?
Yes. Once you’ve used your favorite Udderly Smooth® product down to its last ounce, follow any local guidelines for recycling our containers and then promptly reorder to keep your skin feeling smooth, soft and soothed.
Why does the packaging I received look different?
We’re currently undergoing a packaging refresh and during this transition you may receive our original or new packaging until its officially rolled out at all distribution centers across the U.S. While the packaging may look different, the product is just the same.

Healthcare Professionals

Can I secure clinic samples?
If you are an oncology nurse, clinic or diabetes educator that would like patient samples, please complete the sample request information on the website. If you need more, contact us, we do not send them out without your approval. If you do not have the key word, please contact us.