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Udderly Smooth Story

an image of every Udderly Smooth product displayed together, like a family

Hydration 'Til The Cows Come Home

Udderly Smooth® was originally developed by a pharmacist in the Midwest to apply to the udders of dairy cows that often endure tough weather conditions, but it wasn’t long before hard-working farmers discovered the rich moisturizing ingredients also healed their dry, cracked hands. Udderly Smooth® quickly went from the Midwest to countries worldwide. Today, it’s loved by families, healthcare workers, cyclists, quilters, celebrities, stylists, and so many more for its 24-hour ultra-moisturizing, non-greasy formula. Udderly Smooth® has been a fan-favorite for over 40 years.

Bill Kennedy, founder of Udderly Smooth®, on Today Show

What’s In A Name?

Smooth isn’t just in our name, it’s in our DNA. Skin’s natural moisturizing factor decreases as we age and as skin gets drier, making it more textured and rough. Udderly Smooth® helps restore skin’s natural barrier with its triple action formula that softens, soothes, and smooths to reveal the healthy, hydrated skin underneath. So, your true skin can shine through. Feel the difference with Udderly Smooth® because we all deserve to feel comfortable in our skin.

a photo of the Kennedys standing next to a large cow statue

The Range

Today, Udderly Smooth®’s founding family’s second and third generations have taken smooth skincare innovation to new levels with its range of products. Launched with the Original Udder Cream, created by pharmacist Bill Kennedy, Udderly Smooth® expanded with Extra Care 10% and 20% urea. These therapeutic creams were developed for oncology and diabetes patients—and the nurses who care for them—to help hydrate, soften and soothe extra dry and vulnerable skin.

We manufacture all our moisturizers in the United States. Materials, packaging, labels, and components are sourced domestically. We believe that once you try our Udderly Smooth® moisturizers that they will become part of your family’s tradition as well.

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a group of nurses holding tubes of Udderly Smooth standing in a groupp looking at the camera holding signs that say thank you.

In our continued award-winning efforts supporting frontline healthcare workers, Udderly Smooth® has deepened its commitment to nurses through its partnership with Operation Happy Nurse; nurses’ go-to resource for coping with all the pressure that comes with being real-life superheroes. No matter which Udderly Smooth product you choose, you’re showing love and protection for the skin you’re in while helping support the nurses who are out there every day nurturing and caring for us all.