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Oncology Recommended

a photo of a nurse embracing their patient with a label displaying the text, Udderly Smooth® Extra Care 20 with 20% urea


Are you suffering from treatment side effects? Udderly Smooth® Extra Care is oncology nurse recommended for hydrating, softening and smoothing extra dry and vulnerable skin.

The Udderly Smooth Extra Care line with 20% urea was developed with oncology and diabetes patients in mind, and for the nurses who care for them. This therapeutic cream helps care for the extra dry and vulnerable skin that often comes with these conditions. Extra Care 20 is for anyone who needs the extra care of its gentle exfoliating, hydrating and skin-soothing properties. It is now widely available nationwide because it’s also a highly effective solution for every day, extra dry skin.

a photo of a woman applying Udderly Smooth to her upper arm

Oncology nurses consider Urea to be the gold standard single ingredient for hydrating, softening and smoothing skin. Udderly Smooth Extra Care 20 contains 20% Urea and absorbs quickly.

Nurses Recommend Udderly Smooth

  • I’m currently undergoing chemotherapy and was recommended to use Udderly Smooth by my oncology team. It’s a fantastic product, helping to sooth my very sore red feet and peeling, cracked hands. I also used it after having a mastectomy surgery and during radiotherapy. Would highly recommend.

    E. Brooker
  • Being a nurse in a facility, I estimate I sanitize my hands a minimum of 100 times a shift, and you can imagine the toll that takes on one’s hands. After using your product just once, my hands felt smooth and soft. I appreciate the fact that my knuckles aren’t cracking, as they were starting to prior to using your product. One of the overwhelming responses is that they like how quickly it absorbs. If you’ve ever tried to don gloves with sticky hands, you know why this is important. Personally, I have never been a fan of hand cream, as I get this claustrophobic feeling because a lot of them are so heavy and take so long to dry. Also, they leave "trails" on the devices we use at work. I don’t find this to be true with your product.

    Nurse, T. Conway
  • Did amazing things for my poor feet during chemotherapy brilliant results on dry cracked skin. During radiotherapy has helped keep my skin moisturized & nourished. Amazing products!

    S. Dennison